I Am Alive Challenge Day #155 - February 10 2021

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Hasn’t been a bad day. Done something useful today even though there was no work. Went to harvest some cassava I planted in June. There was 4 of them, and I only harvested one. I wanted to know they were mature, but they weren’t so I left the others.


Cooked beans after that. It’s been a longtime I prepared beans. Had some for lunch since I ate some fruits for breakfast. I ate 3 plates though, because the fruits weren’t enough.



Those cassabas look very good, I am very sorry that the other plants did not have ripe fruits
The food fit you very well, that bean dish looks delicious, enjoy it
stay safe and take care dear friend
have a great day

Thank you. Beans and gari is delicious and very common here

We aren't eating cassava in our area, not at least me. Maybe, some other people do eat those. I have seen these sometimes in the market.

You are missing out. It’s a great source of carbohydrates

Special thanks to God for setting up another beautiful day for you. Usually we have many opportunities to do useful things on less busy days. But as individuals, many are lazy about it. They try until luck is on their side. In such a situation, I consider it a valuable task to harvest the plants that you have planted in the exhibition. Because they contain more nutrients. If you have more space in your garden, try to grow more. This will reduce the cost of your wallet and increase your chances of getting nutritious food. It also adds value to the freshness of the harvest.

There isn’t much space, but I’m trying to make some more space. Thanks for your comment

Wow, just seeing garri on white beans for the first time, I only one I do is to put Garri on oiled beans, maybe I'll try that some day.

Stay safe brother

You should give it a try. Used oil but not enough

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@fredkese - Yes, you made your day with productive activities even no work for today. The cassava root is so huge even it is still young. Also it is really great that you can produce or plant your own foods that will definitely help you reduce the cost of living. And use cash for any other things that in need.

I am not sure of what is on top of the cooked beans. But guess it may be some kind of flour or grounded nuts. I don't how your traditional cooking is. But for me when I need to cook the bean, I will soak those beans for a while or at least and hour to soften the bean. Soaking overnight will be the best to soften the beans and reduce the cooking time. And will save more of your firewood for cooking.

Your cooked bean looks so yummy and crunchy for me. Have a great day. Be safe, healthy and strong.


Might trying softening the beans up overnight. Not heard of it being done before. What’s on top is gari, gari is grated dry cassava. Gives it another taste. Thanks got passing by

@fredkese - I recommend you to soak bean an overnight.It will reduce your cooking time by half. Gari or grated dry cassava will function like a grated cheese for western food. Have a great day.

Will try it. Thank you