A 10 Million delegation for Sports Engagement Project + TAN update on HLS Tool .

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Good evening to everyone , this has been a very busy and very exciting week for me . Last week on Monday I announced my Engagement Project . Basically what it does is it ranks top 25 engagers in 4 tribes - LEO , CTP , SPORTS and STEM and upvotes their comment to show that their engagement matters and rewards them for the time and effort they have put in.

10 Million delegation from @sports-gov community account .

For those who don't know yet , SPORTS has implemented ARCHON style proposal system in which any member can make a proposal and the community members vote for it or against it .

My proposal was to delegate 10 Million SPORTS from @sports-gov to @amr008.sports .

Today was the 7th day ( payout day ) and the proposal was passed with 93% favoring the proposal.

What does this mean to the SPORTS engagement project ?

Well there are two points I want to mention

  1. This has obviously increased the voting value of @amr008.sports . With all the delegations from other users + my own delegation , we are currently at 15 Million SPORTS powered up .

    • The value of 100% upvote is image.png
      - A good 4337 SPORTS + since @toni.sports is trailing our account the upvote is a massive 12k SPORTS upvote .

    • Remember this is just for engaging from https://sportstalksocial.com frontend . All you have to do is engage with others and leave quality comments from that frontend.

    • 12k SPORTS = 4.8 HIVE at the moment which is around 1$ .

  2. Delegators will get good amount of returns + account growth ( organic ) will also be high .

    • How ?
      • Although @sports-gov and @amr008 has delegated around 11 Million to the @amr008.sports they won't take the weekly dividends . All this is given to the delegators itself ( liquid payout ) and the staked payout ( because SPORTS gives 50% in liquid and 50% in staked ) is not powered down which will help the account grow organically .

The activity is raising already from SportsTalkSocial frontend.


This has data for past 30 days - till 22nd Feb . On 22nd Feb the number of posts and comments made solely from SportsTalkSocial frontend is 230 . It is 10x higher when compared to previous month same date.

This will most likely increase the ad revenue of the SPORTS tribe .

SPORTS TODAY initiative

Everyday @amr008.sports will make a post in which anybody who watches Sports can hop on and chat about any sports . It is to spur engagement and many are already being active over there discussing their favorite sport while it is happening .

So hop on and discuss over there to increase your chances of getting that massive upvote .

HLS tool update

Update 1 -

I would also like to take chance to inform you that TAN also pays weekly dividends in VAULT and BEE for top 25 TAN stakers which I didn't know and hence hadn't implemented yesterday . Today it has been added .

Update 2 -

Today's Engagement data has been uploaded .

If you want to delegate to the Engagement Project

LEO - @amr008.leo
CTP - @amr008.ctp
SPORTS - @amr008.sports
STEM - @amr008.stem


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I am glad that the proposal has been approved. The project is already helping in increasing the engagement.
12k token is a good amount ....
Best of luck for the project...

Thanks @gurry123 . Don't forget to get over there , be active and get rewarded.

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Congratulations, it is nice news that you have now strong upvote to rewards engagament.

Thanks @saachi . My next aim is to add more Engagement ideas and keep up the momentum.

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Do you know how "re-delegation" work on HE?
After I delegated my 100k to you, I have gotten 10k staked again and want to delegate that aswell.

Do I use delegate the 10k and it automatically puts it on top or do I have to delegate the full amount?? :D

Its not like Hive delegation .

Just delegate the 10k , it will add on top of the previous delegations.

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Cool. Thanks

That is a good one.
This will increase the engagement and the sportstalk frontend has been doing well so far and I know they will only keep growing in number and good statistics

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Thank you :) Do you watch sports ? Because as I have mentioned in the post - on Sports Today daily post you can come over and chat about various sports .

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That’s a very good news for sports tribe ! You’re impressively active everywhere mate, thanks a lot !
We just need a new UI with lightning DB and we will be all set to fly high.

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Hehe thanks a lot. I saw you on the sports today post, if you watch sports more then we can chat over there :)

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Hey @amr.008 I just passed the hivetorch to you, don't be a loser like me keeping it for 7 days without realising it :D

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Ah come on it happens , it's all right lol..I passed it on to @abh12345 lol and I guess he already passed it on.

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That is awesome news! Well deserved! I look forward to seeing what this account can do to grow the platform!

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Thank you very much @bozz . Will do everything I can to increase the engagement..

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Yes it is great that the proposal passed. In fact, I was surprised by the amount generated from a full power vote. The I will get is pretty much almost 10% of what I currently have staked in the community so engaging with others on the other front-ends is nice.

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Me too I was actually aiming for 5k sports worth upvote but because of @toni.sports we doubled it.

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Thanks for all you do to the SPORTS COmmunity. On the long run, you'll be happy you did this.

Oh sure , I am already happy with what's going on, will work towards keeping things going like this.

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Excellent work friend...
Keep doing good work..
Hope I will also get some good upvote lol...

Oh just get over there and have some discussion you will be able to get it :)

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I knew the proposal will pass. Its great to hear the news from you. The calculation of 4.8 hive would be really lucrative for anybody to post a comment. I am sure you are going to rock on this platform now. Keep it up and hope you come out with many ideas

Thank you :) Will keep improving and will make sure the engagement increases..

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