Proposal Results For: ~~PROPOSAL - Fund my SPORTS Engagement Project~~: Passed

in #sportsgov5 months ago

Result: Passed
Title: PROPOSAL - Fund my SPORTS Engagement Project
By: @amr008

Users For: 93.01250074796421% (56.37019196008784 GP Total):
@jphamer1 with 3.9520667289428726 GP
@patrickulrich with 1.7839896740527463 GP
@damla with 0.0011034556243550763 GP
@altportal with 0.0008699408016406004 GP
@jaraumoses with 0.12771787055351466 GP
@coffeelovers with 0.19686500562678916 GP
@edkarnie with 4.828248190563985 GP
@teapassion with 0.0012736472635113134 GP
@shitsignals with 1.8329508235452784e-05 GP
@dagger212 with 0.00401264207398801 GP
@zahidsun with 0.7014622134761639 GP
@yousafharoonkhan with 0.1322270069431752 GP
@dudeontheweb with 0.0006497220289439667 GP
@xak with 0.5740586690663674 GP
@darewealth with 0.44647588555282464 GP
@anderssinho with 0.08507039949057982 GP
@curtwriter with 0.01924009533574037 GP
@jocieprosza with 0.001193487916591877 GP
@sk1920 with 0.03642402226731126 GP
@cryptoandcoffee with 0.017647653691055896 GP
@ptaku with 0.5608960662821871 GP
@dalzphoto with 3.241789277159897 GP
@cwow2 with 0.0007404931288394302 GP
@erikahfit with 2.3006763742663665 GP
@leedsunited with 0.02240657865487905 GP
@scholaris with 0.0086390825974884 GP
@pjansen with 0.42243896191648306 GP
@gurseerat with 0.0001037705354111965 GP
@saachi with 0.04776669605400471 GP with 0.1631319933107242 GP
@abh12345.sports with 0.9626286667419409 GP
@splines with 0.8539011417923792 GP
@rezoanulv.sports with 2.6834049745827064 GP
@dfacademy-sports with 1.2557169032960824 GP with 0.8731289326822113 GP
@cryptoandsports with 3.9019212846572455 GP
@mk-sports-token with 4.234771358589112 GP
@uyobong.sports with 5.439199464034313 GP
@fun.sports with 0.4248711979446761 GP with 4.436688378575771 GP
@toni.sports with 2.453585679333271 GP
@bozz.sports with 1.698449883878141 GP with 0.28616733174072595 GP
@wildlifelover with 0 GP
@devann.sports with 0.3672820650633905 GP
@majorleague with 0.7469603151449687 GP
@guurry123.leo with 8.38273030392687e-05 GP
@ctpsb with 1.3692565801040504 GP
@ph1102.sports with 0.5527048000776019 GP
@jfang003 with 0.007733335305311933 GP
@espandor with 0.2917124144224661 GP
@yousaf-sports with 0.9908456660420235 GP
@amr008.sports with 0.45108031272190713 GP
@alokkumar.sports with 0.4946678575446517 GP
@hykss.sports with 0.49023650228920623 GP
@scholaris.sports with 1.4239891515339749 GP

Users Against: 6.987499252035781% (4.234771358589112 GP Total):
@mk-sports-token with 4.234771358589112 GP

PROPOSAL - Fund my SPORTS Engagement Project is considered Passed

(images were pulled from proposal at



So glad! We have made much process in this community :)


congratulation to all sports tribe

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Great.. Very nice news.