Engagement project dividends report - 666% APR for POB delegators , 50% APR for SPORTS delegators.

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Good evening to everyone . It is Sunday and I am here to report the delegators dividends for the Engagement project .

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Coming to the report

POB dividend report ( 2 weeks dividends )

AccountAmount DelegatedPercentageDividends

Weed dividend report ( 2 weeks dividends )

AccountAmount DelegatedPercentageDividends

LEO dividend report

AccountAmount DelegatedPercentageDividends

CTP dividend report

AccountAmount DelegatedPercentageDividends in CTP

STEM dividend report

AccountAmount DelegatedPercentageDividends in STEM

SPORTS dividend report

AccountAmount DelegatedPercentageDividends

APR calculation

POB - 666 %
WEED - 4.94 %
LEO - 18.17 %
CTP - 36.1 %
STEM - 13.4 %
SPORTS - 49.44 %

POB APR calculation breakdown

  1. Take @proofofbrainio account for example -

POB sent = 512 POB , multiply it by 26 ( it should be 52 if it is weekly , since it is 2 weeks once we multiply by 26 )

512 * 26 = 13312

13312 / 2000 ( delegated amount ) = 6.656 * 100 = 665.6 % APR .

How is this possible ?

  1. Because I transfer some POB myself to the amr008.pob account ( liquid )
  2. Because I don't take dividends from POB .

Next week will it be the same ?

  1. If delegations increase then the APR is bound to come down , just grab the opportunity and delegate early to receive high dividends .

How to participate ?

You don't have to register or anything . All you have to do is comment from these frontends

https://ctptalk.com - to get CTP upvotes
https://sportstalksocial.con - to get SPORTS upvotes
https://leofinance.io - to get LEO upvotes
https://stemgeeks.net - to get STEM upvotes
https://weedcash.network - to get WEED upvotes
https://proofofbrain.io - to get POB upvotes

Remember that you have to comment from these frontends itself , why? to increase the traffic for the site and improve the rankings of the site . ( Believe me , it works , look at SportsTalkSocial alexa rankings ) .

But will everyone get upvoted ?

No , only the top 25 engagers will get upvotes , they will be ranked everyday based on quality of comments , number of authors they have spoken to etc .

But as I mentioned before the competition is less on sportstalksocial , stemgeeks and ctptalk to some extent so don't miss this opportunity to earn these tokens .

The ranks are uploaded along with the data on https://hivelayers-stats.herokuapp.com everyday . Just go to community page ( choose this in left top ) .

How can you support?

Delegate , spread the word , engage on different frontends , reblog this .

Delegation accounts -
LEO - @amr008.leo
CTP - @amr008.ctp
STEM - @amr008.stem
SPORTS - @amr008.sports
WEED - @amr008.weed
POB - @amr008.pob

As far as I have seen nobody has given 40%+ APR for CTP till now ( except ctpsb project but that accepts HP delegations only ) . I am able to do this by earning post rewards too . I will do my best to provide returns to you guys , you guys please spread the word .

Will you participate ? Will you engage more ? Let me know in the comments.

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Wow ! So i have now become the second biggest sports power delegator for the engagement project. I am feeling so nice to see this report. Keep doing good work, i will try to add more sportspower and delegate you. Anyways APR is also a great consideration to do this now.

Awesome work dear..
The APR fromnthe Delegation are fantastic.
If someone has spare or not using the token for curation this is onw of the best place to delegate...
POB ia leading leta see what is goinf to happen next week.. price of POB is touching new heights too...
!GIPHY awesome

Looks like I need to find some more POB to delegate and see what next week brings. ;)

Great work @amr008 and thanks for all that you do for the Hive ecosystem!

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I better pick up the pace - i have a few decent payouts coming up

I may have to join in the delegation fun ;)

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Great :) Happy to hear that , feel free to ask any questions if you have . I will answer them .

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This is an interesting project. I will participate. :)

I dont even know how all this POB showed up in my account but I like this token!

@solymi denkt du hast ein Vote durch @investinthefutur verdient!
@solymi thinks you have earned a vote of @investinthefutur !

APR calculation
POB - 666 %
WEED - 4.94 %
LEO - 18.17 %
CTP - 36.1 %
STEM - 13.4 %
SPORTS - 49.44 %

Wowwww. I know that took a colossal amount of dedicated effort and time. Thank you for your incredible efforts. 🌼

Wow, those a re really good numbers, i am traying to stack some now and will delegate whatever i can in coming days.
I have been participating in this engagement project and can really see the benefits, it could be hectic sometime but it's worth it.
Thanks a lot for your efforts.

I will delegate some pob

Thank you :)

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Hey bro I have redelegated you ctp so please look at them and hope you add them in next payout

Thank you @aiovo :) It will automatically calculate the payouts , I need not add manually so you will receive the payouts next week .

Thanks again buddy . !WINE

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Congratulations, @amr008 You Successfully Shared 0.100 WINE With @aiovo.
You Earned 0.100 WINE As Curation Reward.
You Utilized 1/2 Successful Calls.

Total Purchase : 24845.318 WINE & Last Price : 0.290 HIVE

WINE Current Market Price : 0.270 HIVE

The extra tokens from posting are really helping the APR on various different tokens. I think WEED has been having quite a bit of trouble getting comments around there. I tend to respond to the same few people over there so I will mix up my words so they stop being flagged as too similar lol. I think starting off the beginning part of the comment the same way (letting them know the airdrop was claimed) made it a bit too similar.

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Oh I didn't really observe the similar part lol . Yeah WEED seem to be struggling like STEM but I think I will not worry about it for now .
Will talk to richard to see if he plans on doing something about this . The community is actually good and active but they tend to be using peakd or hiveblog to comment .

Yeah posting is really helping the APR .

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I was wondering about the WEED curation yesterday but when I checked the page, I think your script didn't run on the weed front-end.

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Oh yeah there were no upvotes , I searched for comments , there were too many copy pasted comments which the script ignored .

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Is the high APY the reason for POB's increase in price ?

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No no , price of POB has nothing to do with this actually . It is just that right now , there are less people involved , since my account has good amount of POB , we are early adoptors who are gathering more of the tokens .

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Well keep buying it, I'll keep selling at these prices :P

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Lol okay sure :p Keep some with yourself though , we never know which token might pump and hit 100x .

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Awesome going buddy! Glad you're making use of all the staked tokens and sharing the calculations - that's some decent APR you manage to get from your efforts with the tokens! How much are your votes worth in each of the respective tokens now?

Hey nicky sorry I got busy in some other stuff , I will get the upvote worth details ASAP once tomorrows daily upvotes are sent out .

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No worries man, you are one busy guy handling all this curation!

POB delege edersen karşılığında POB veriyor ödül olarak. Düşünebilirsin.

I didn't understand it @mehmetflix :p but I guess you were referring that to someone else?

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Oh yes I invited my friend to delegate the POB.

I would like to participate with some POB that I have in stake, but to be honest I can't find the option to delegate!

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You can go to hive-engine.com to delegate @clicmaster.