Tribe Tokens | 50 Weeks Later...

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It has been over a year since Steem-Engine (later Hive-Engine) was released introducing the tribe tokens. For a long time, I have been tracking some of the prices. These are the results 50 weeks later.

The Price of Steem when I started tracking was around 0.212$, Price of Hive now is 0.23$, Price of Steem now is 0.214$

Some of the other coins I tracked
AFIT -72% | APX -80% | DEC -66% | ...

Basically, almost all these tokens have seen a huge drop in price because there are little to no fundamentals with the only real reason to buy them is to earn more of them.

BIG Winner = LEO

From all the Tokens, LEO ( is pretty much the only one that is thriving and up in price. Some of the reasons why...

  • Advertisement Revenue & Token Burning
    The fact that the project is actually having some advertisement revenue which is used to buy and burn tokens gives the LEO token some fundamental value. There is also no crazy high supply unlike most other coins and the team is doing a great job keeping track of all the numbers in the Weekly Statistics Update Post

  • Development
    The platform has actual development and multiple products like LEO Dex (which also provides a token burn) & They also actively try to promote the platform on social media and run adds to get more readers & bloggers (See Leofinance 1st Anniversary Post). From what it looks like they won't stop here and continue growing the platform.

Personal Experience

Without a doubt, Leofinance clearly stands out among the other tribes. It does, however, use the same upvote and curation model Hive is using which I believe is fundamentally flawed when it comes down to creating a front page that puts the articles the majority sees as the best and most valuable on top. I wrote an entire post on this last month with reasons How Publish0x fixes many of these issues. The dynamic how Leofinance upvotes are directly linked to Hive upvotes and the only thing that can be done is to add a multiplier also makes things overly complicated and annoying. On the other hand, the fact that you are able to get upvotes on Hive from @leo.voter when using the platform to publish your content really does make a difference. Overall big props to the Leofinance team though as they have done an excellent job especially when comparing it to all the other tribes and coins that lost 98% of their value.

I bought some more LEO so I'm up to 1000 LEO Power to qualify for the airdrop from which the snapshot will be taken tomorrow and will continue building this as I'm quite confident for the project on the long run. My multiplier is currently set at x10 but I still have to add more accounts to follow and upvote on I also continue to accumulate LEO and started buying DEC as it's seriously underpriced at the moment which will come in very handy in the near future.

Leofinance Curation: If you post quality contentand are in it for the long run wanting to get curated, make sure to check my @upvoteshares Curation Project which has been running for 2 years now also providing upvotes for Leofinance content!

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Great Job! I personally believe that DEC is the most undervalued HIVE-Engine coin at the moment. LEO has been my favorite Tribe from the beginning and I think we could easily see LEO go over $1 in the coming years.

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100% with you on the fact that DEC is highly undervalued. Soon the orb pack replacements with new cards are going to be released which along with the pre-sale of the land should cause a huge DEC token demand and burn. I just keep stacking DEC while waiting it out.

Thanks for your opinion... It’s important for me.

I knew the prices of most of the tokens didn't perform well, but it's quite shocking to see it all on one post...
At least there is Leo 😅

yes, Leo has been the only one that has done well. All the others for as far as I know have been real massacres. One of the main problems is that nobody really cares about the actual community, it's all about earning those tokens with the upvote/curation model everything works on. I can't see any of the ones that crashed and burned making a comeback anytime soon.

Great post!!! Thanks for updating on APX token... I didn't imagine he had lost so much.