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RE: Rabona Review | Gameplay & Expected Returns

in LeoFinance3 months ago

As usual- you write very good reviews when it comes to sport.
I have also played it from the beginning and go up to champions league today.
I have get almost the same amount of hive back as you so far (just 5 hive more)

They will not put RBN in hive-engine. They mention it in last blogpost that it will be a inside-game-trading-function from januari. I not sure how but they show some pics at the blogpost.

I see that it is a strong hive-account and get pretty good upvotes at there blogpost. I hope that the get some money that way so they can continue to give out seasonrewards and dev the game. Because I see a weakness in every hive-game - It is not easy to get extremly much players.


congrats for reaching Champions League, I'm still stuck in League 2 after promoting and relegating right back. I guess the players will come once the public gets into crypto again like 2017, right now that doesn't seem to be the case just yet.