Staking 508,000 SPORTS Tokens

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Today cryptocurrency price is on a downwards trend. You can see most of the crypto price decreases. Bitcoin price falls 12.20%, Ethereum and Litecoin price drops 14.59% and 18.69% respectively. You can see a similar pattern in all other altcoins. It will go up again.

I am writing this post, now it shows like this. It can change and the price can rise when you read this post.

Staking 508,000 SPORTS Tokens.PNG

Staking 508,000 SPORTS Tokens 2.PNG

Today I power up 508,000 SPORTS tokens. @uyobong.sports made a post about How Do we move SportstalkSocial Community further from here?. SportsTalkSocial founder expressed what is about to happen in this tribe. In case you have not read this post, I highly recommend reading that.

When we see more updates and changes, it will definitely make people more interested to get involved and pay attention to this tribe. I cannot say what would be the SPORTS price in the future, but it would move in a positive direction when coming up with the new update and development.

People are passionate about sports. They love to talk about the sports they like. So the potential for growth is huge. Again it comes down to how we position ourselves for that.

So what do you think? Please feel free to leave your comments below. Thank you very much for reading this post!

See you around!

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Was happy when I saw the big buys that happend today on HE and the price spiked a bit.
Hopefully this is the start of a higher sports token price.

Nice amount you staked! :)

Thank you, someone bought SPORTS tokens. And we saw a quick rise.

Thanks for adding up. It sums up to increase the number of users who are looking at SPORTS with the eyes of the future. You won't regret this decision.

Like the linear curation curve, I do think future updates and development will have a positive impact. Thank you for being with us on this journey.

If more updates like this can come, it will be very good for the platform

Agree with you. What a tribe can do, LeoFinance is the best example, and we often talk about that. Whatever you say, LeoFinance would not be here without their consistent update and development.

SportsTalkSocial took different initiatives before. Hope we will see more updates and development here.

damn good job man! and i have a total of 17k :P

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If you believe that sport will grow your more then welcome to start staking like many of us are doing now :D

Maybe you have huge other tokens. Who knows? :)
Thank you for your comment!

hahaa more like a little bit of everything :P

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you are making a great collection of SPORTS tokens, for the moment I am over one million with my dedicated account @claudio83.sports.

Maybe one day I'll join you! : P

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You joined a long time ago. Now you have a separate department/account to focus on that. :P

Thank you @claudio83 for your support and feedback!

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There is this joy in me whenever I see others staking too. It shows we are not alone and sports really has a future

I also see people staking SPORTS tokens and making special accounts for SPORTS curation. It's inspiring!

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