What Do I Think About Moving SPORTS to a Linear Curation Curve?

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We consume content and express our thought in the comment section. We usually do that. Here on Hive blockchain, you can earn just by supporting other content. That's a thing you cannot imagine on a traditional platform.

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If you have staked the token, you can earn a curation reward based on that. Here not only how much you stake but also when you upvote a content matter. If you upvote content in a specific timeframe, 5 minutes, you will earn more curation reward. If someone upvote later, that person will earn less.

It is difficult to read a post or watch a video at that specific time and upvote that even if you are online at that time. You might do something else, but as soon as you see the content published, you need to upvote that content in that specific time frame to maximize your curation reward.

If you manually curate content, it takes time to read or watch the video, and then support the content. But the thing is, you cannot maximize the curation rewards only because you upvote that. It feels like a punishment of spending your time and effort to find quality content and support that.

There is nothing wrong with using auto vote. It saves time. I usually manually curated content on SportsTalkSocial. I started using the auto vote service a couple of months ago. I make a combination of the auto vote and manually curation content. Frankly speaking, if you want to maximize curation rewards, you need to use auto vote. Now things can change if SPORTS moves to a linear curation curve.

You do not need to rush to upvote at a specific time to maximize your rewards. You can take your time to consume content and support that. You will earn curation rewards based on your stake. It will help to get more support based on content quality that is better for the whole SPORTS ecosystem. We see how things moved in a better direction after implementing a linear curation curve on LeoFinance.

People will feel that they need to stake SPORTS token in order to increase their curation rewards, there is no magic of getting more rewards upvoting at a specific time. The more stake you have, the more you will earn. It will positively impact the tribe.

@sportstalksocial made a post to get feedback regarding moving SPORTS to a linear curation curve. Please feel free to express your thought and experience.

Thank you so much for reading this post. See you around!

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I believe the whole timing bit has beaten down true curation efforts on Hive. Might be a good thing and think it's worth a shot.

I completely agree with you. We talk about quality content. But if you put your effort and time to find good content to support, the system penalizes you for not being early to upvote. Glad to see tribes are experimenting and following what is better.

Definitely, things would shape up. Thanks to LeoFinance for leading the way with this upgrade. I'm all in to support flat linear curation curve in the SportsTalkSOcial community.

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Things will change and it will have a positive impact on SportsTalkSocial when we have the linear curation curve. Thank you @uyobong for your comment!

100% for the linear curation curve

Everyone says positive things about the linear curation curve. Thank you @sportfrei for your feedback!

I'm supporting this idea. Linear curation curve, the only honest curve

So true. It gives equal chance to everyone.

Surely it will help if the linear reward curve is been implemented

I hope so. Looking forward to seeing the change.

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