18 Million SPORTS Staked and still growing; 25m on my Mind

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Happy Sunday to all content creators and curators of Hive blockchain. Everyday is good for investing in HIVE and Hive tokens as long as we also earn all through the days. While my friends are discussing sports teams and players, I am brainstorming how I'll earn and help others earn from their discussions here on Hive blockchain.

In this post, I tagged myself as a "Curapreneur" on Hive blockchain and it really sounds good. I hope you'll help me trend the word on Twitter. I'm not giving up with HIVE and Hive engine. As the crypto market continues to bear, it gives me more reason to invest in HIVE and Hive tokens. Only the future will tell the difference between the milkers and investors.

Earlier today, I powered up 261,614.206 SPORTS tokens to reach the 18 million SPORTS stake mark. Every bit of addition to my SPORTS stake helps me to grow up the rank among the top 10 accounts holding SPORTS tokens. Currently ranked 9th, I'll be glad to keep growing.


I wish I had a spare thousand dollars, I would buy SPORTS with $300, LEO with $300, CTP with $300 and CHARY with $100. I would stake all the tokens to gain more curation strength in the Hive tokens. That, for me would be a long term investment that will sure give me a 100% ROI after it's first year. Everything after that would be a profit plus my stake in-situ.

I'm about 7 million tokens from the 25 million SPORTS stake billed for July, 2020. For me, it's really a good rate tom acquire more SPORTS tokens and power them up for curation.

The 18 million SPORTS held in stake is for the curation of undervalued quality #sportstalk posts, SPORTS staking reports and #HiveImpact or Charity projects in the sports sector. If you cannot purchase SPORTS, then, you can earn from your posts.

If you already have some SPORTS stake, you may join my SPORTS Curation Trail to maximize your SPORTS stake.

Disclaimer: This is not a financial/investment advice. It is just my conviction about SPORTS tokens. Always make your personal research before investing in Cryptocurrencies.

  • If you have made a recent "quality" #sportstalk post of at least 200 words, drop the link in the comments section of this post and reblog the post for a huge upvote from my 18 million stake.
  • Please consider following @uyobong.sports to be able to see our upcoming give away.
  • You may also consider delegating SPORTS to @uyobong.sports to enjoy daily Curation.

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I'm getting close to 2 million, I should post more.

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Yeah, keep writing more posts so you can earn more SPORTS.

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You're welcome @uyobong
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