RABONA: A Synergy with SportstalkSocial Community and leveraging SPORTS Token could attract huge patronage

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I first knew about Rabona from @taskmaster4450's blog few days ago. It was an exciting read and there, I was able to link up with @rondras' blog where many other posts about Rabona are covered. What quickly caught my interest in the post was the football icon which denoted sports and indeed, it was actually a sports related content.

While trying to catch a glimpse of what the Rabona project is all about, just then, I remembered The @Sportstalksocial community which issues the SPORTS token, one of the most profitable token I hodl on Hive engine. Being a part of the early adopters of the SPORTS token and holding some tangible volume excites me because I see a great future and yet-to-be scratched potential of the token.

My trust for SPORTS was further kindled the day @Patrickulrich penned a detailed comment in this post which was like a more of a road-map for the Sportstalksocial community. Below is an excerpt from his submission:

...That being said anyone can build apps, games or whatever else they'd like that is powered by SPORTS tokens such as a store for merchandise for free today using already developed open source tools. If you run into any organizations that would like to adopt a system like this then please let me know.

There are still a number of other projects we are working on building that will mean larger sinks for the token if adopted well. Were looking at everything from developing a football manager styled NFT game to store services with SPORTS. I've already sent a proposal earlier in the summer to see if there would be interest in adapting the changes @sagescrub made for Dokan on WooCommerce to work with tribe tokens and Hive. If we can get something like that made then we'll be able to offer a store where users pay SPORTS to list their own products with all funds for the purchase going straight to their Hive Engine account but the SPORTS they paid for the store entry being burnt. This could be nice for the sports card community if it comes to fruition the way I envisioned.

A look at the above shows that the potential of SPORTS token has not yet been scratched. I personally have began to reach out to developers who can leverage the SPORTS token to build a tokenised DApp which could form a sink to burn SPORTS and bring more sports lovers to Hive.

Looking at Rabona, I saw a project that could be very huge if it seeks collaboration with an exciting a popular sports related community like @Sportstalksocial. According to @rondras, Rabona is a dapp that helps a user to manage his own football club (or soccer club). This is obtained by scouting for players, managing their contracts, buy and sell players from and to other users, build up infrastructure such as your stadium, manage ticket prices and set up your line-up for the coming matches.

On game play, each user that signs up is assigned a league as obtained in realtime and at the end of the season, the highest ranking team wins. More can be read here. That has been one of my most anticipated projects in the Sportstalksocial community. It was also captured that the in-game token for Raboni will be the RBN. This is what is utilized for income and expenses. Awesome usecases has been explained for the RBN token here

Rabona is a manager game, which means it is part of the fun to invest and earn, but also to have recurring expenses. These expenses include for example player salaries. You cannot simply buy a great player and then use it for free forever - you will incur salary costs for every player and the salary will most likely be significantly higher for a top player then for an average Joe.

This means, that we need to deduct some costs automatically from you your account, as they do not result from any imminent action you take in the game - but instead because of something you did in the past. As we obviously cannot do that with your Hive, we need an in-game currency - which is called RBN.

However, I am looking at collaboration as something that could benefit the two projects - Rabona and SportstalkSocial. Truth is that SPORTS has been on Hive for about a year and a solid community has been raised with investors holding some tangible amounts of token. Collaborating with SPORTS may help secure some good traffic to the Rabona projects by SPORTS holders.

I am trusting that Tim and Patrick would get to discussed how the two communities could synergize for a common good. It is beautiful so see these happening on Hive blockchain. Let's see what next would unravel.

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