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RE: Burning Hot Skatehive Vlog 🥵

in SkateHive7 months ago

Dude that was fucking ace. The kickflip to grind on the rail is blowing my mind. I’m struggling with a normal kickflip let alone some of the amazing things you were doing! 😍
Awesome to watch, and that heat looks unbearable!
You make it look effortless.

Best of luck with your move in a weeks time and I hope it brings positive things 🤙🏻


Thanks a lot @Ashtv! I somehow can land the Flip fs boards 8/10 times I try them! I guess it's muscle memory! Hehehe!

Got a ton of stuff to do for my move but once it's all finished I can finally skate different spots and provide the #Skatehive fam with fresh footage straight from Thessaloniki!

Cheers man and thanks for your support <3