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Hello SkateHive friends!

Today I want to share with you a very special afternoon for me!

Hola amigos de SkateHive!

Hoy quiero compartir con vosotros una tarde muy especial para mí!


I know, I know, it may seem like it's not a big deal, but for me, as a fearful beginner with a certain age it's a very big progress :)

A little over a year ago I got on a skateboard for the first time in my life, when I was gaining a little confidence, confinement came and after weeks and weeks without being able to ride, riding again seemed like starting over... Again I was afraid and I lacked strength in my legs, even so, I did not give up, I kept going out and kept rolling so as not to lose security.

Ya sé, ya sé, puede parecer que no es gran cosa, pero para mi, como principiante miedosa con una cierta edad es un progreso muy grande :)

Hace poco más de un año que me subí por primera vez en la vida a un skate, cuando estaba cogiendo un poco de confianza llegó el confinamiento y tras semanas y semanas sin poder rodar, volver a montar me pareció como empezar de nuevo... Otra vez tenía miedo y me faltaba fuerza en las piernas, aún así, no me dí por vencida, seguía saliendo y manteniendome rodando para no perder seguridad.

I even took my skate to an island where I worked for two months, although it was difficult to find a decent floor to skate there.

Incluso me lo llevé a una isla donde estuve trabajando durante dos meses aunque allí era dificil encontrar un suelo decente para patinar.


But with a little imagination I kept riding... Although sometimes it was static practicing balance :)

Pero con un poco de imaginación me mantuve montando... Aunque a veces fuera de forma estatica practicando equilibrio :)


But let's go back to the curb afternoon!
@neshk and I went to an empty parking lot on the outskirts of Mordor, where I could ride quietly, and he had fun with flat tricks and BS Noseslides on a small curb.
Until he suggested that I go up to the curb with his help, and thus, taking me by the hand, he led me and explained how to position myself.

Pero volvamos a la tarde del bordillo!
@neshk y yo fuimos a un aparcamiento vacío a las afueras de mordor, donde yo podía rodar tranquila, y el se divertia con trucos flat y haciendo noseslides en el bordillo.
Hasta que me propuso acercarme y subirme al bordillo con su ayuda, y así, cogiendome de la mano me llevaba y me explicaba como colocarme.



At 10 minutes I looked like a little girl! Running backwards over and over to get back to the curb, I suddenly forgot how scared I was of falling on my face and just wanted to do it again.

A los 10 minutos yo parecía una niña pequeña! Corriendo hacia atrás una y otra vez para volver al bordillo, de repente se me olvidó el miedo que me daba caerme de morros y solo quería volver a conseguirlo.



And every failed attempt a fit of laughter.

Y cada intento fallido un ataque de risa.



But in the end I got it!

Pero al final lo conseguí!


That is why I encourage all beginners to enjoy at their own pace, no matter how many tricks you get, but how much you enjoy while you progress, even very slowly :)

Por eso animo a todos los principiantes a disfrutar a su ritmo, no importa cuantos trucos consigues, sino cuanto disfrutas mientras avanzas, aunque sea muy despacio :)


Keep rolling
Keep trying
Keep smiling



Keep up Skating, and enjoy it :)

Yeeeah! I will do!!!

Hahaha what a day, yes i remember it. and then you started skating the curb down 😂❤️

I wad so proud of you and enjoyed a lot this day 💕💜

Kisses my love

You helped me a lot to get it :)
See how you enjoy it motivates me ❤️❤️❤️

Cool .. camera person did a good job too 😊

He enjoy a lots the photography and had a lot of patience :)

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