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RE: AskHive: What are the last three things you bought online?

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A nice collection there and I'm loving the inflatable swimming pool, although I'm not sure one would fit on my balcony :)

I've seen a few Bitcoin face masks being advertised on Hive, what pattern/style have you ordered?

Been happy with delivery time and the products I've bought online so far, could get used to it.


I wouldn't know how to survive the summer without my swimming pool. Lakes or rivers I can swim in are pretty far off, and I really need the water. the swimming pool is to small to actually swim in, but I'm happy as a fish just lying in there 😁

I'm normally quite of an online shopper, especially since my back surgeries have limited my ability to go out and drive somewhere, or to carry stuff. (+ I'm also pretty lazy, 😂.) Online shopping is just so easy.

The face mask is made out of retro-pattern fabric. I didn't really want/ need one, I seldom go out anyway, but I wanted to support my friend... end they were really cool