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RE: AskHive: What are the last three things you bought online?

in Ask the Hive10 months ago
  1. Hive tokens, sure why not.
  2. Camera magic tripod arm. From China. Expected sometime next year.
  3. A new bike for my sons birthday. Would have preferred to kick some tires .

Number on should probably be on my list, I forgot about digital currencies :/

Good luck on that delivery!

What was the issue with buying a bike online, apart from it likely arriving in bits and not being tweaked for first use?

The Hive was the first crypto I bought with real money. Everything else was earned on steem/Hive. I think I really believe in Hive future.
For the bike I worry that he may not like it without a test drive and it's weight is a bit of a concern other than that I look forward to the father/son project of putting it together.