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RE: AskHive: What are the last three things you bought online?

in Ask the Hive10 months ago

I don't trust online vendors, so I hardly buy "physical" items. So all my purchases have been electronic or crypto. So yeah, the last things I bought online are;

  • Hive tokens
  • Vite coins
  • Splinterlands monster pack for 2000DEC

Fair enough!

Hopefully your trades do well, HIVE dipping today while STEEM pumped (and got sold off again.

Not bought many cards of late but still playing most days.

Yeah noticed the dip. I'm hoping Hive can get to 5cents for me to buy like 1000 with my 200Steem coming on Thursday(power down) but with the way people are buying everything up, I doubt we'll get there.

5 cents sounds low but who knows in this game.

Yeah. It is very unlikely but the game is all speculation, so who knows?