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RE: AskHive: What are the last three things you bought online?

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Deep muscle massage Foam Roller
I need something like that for my back. Any recommendations on brand or distributor?

The 3 things I bought were:

  1. Pre-ordered iPhone SE as it’s the only iPhone I can afford now, and a good replacement for my current iPhone that’s almost not working.
  2. Magnformers set (magnetic toy blocks) - Birthday present for my son.
  3. Groceries

I'm lazy and so use Amazon for most buys and usually take some time looking through the reviews. I think it's best not to go for the cheapest ones, they seem to crack.

I recommend an Otter Box for your phone, it's saved mine countless times!

Magnetic blocks, oh to be a lad again :)

Cool, thanks for the advice.

O, I’ll need to check out the otter box. Cheers