How To Develop Your Creativity In Your Field Of Work

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Hello guys, your favorite girl @gifxlove is back again with another amazing topic for you. Well, many of you may say, we are not all born with creativity. That's false, we are born with creativity but the difference among us, is that, some of us already developed ours when we were much younger without even knowing that we did. The upbringing of a child matters a whole to the creativity level of such individual at older age. But we are not here to talk about the past, we all are already adults, so the question on so many of your mind right now is, can we still develop our creativity? Of course, Yes. In this article I will be showing you all the ways in which you can develop your creativity in your field of work.


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Read And Practice

Yeah, Read and Practice. It sounds so easy but it is so so difficult to do. Can you read a book every week, not your classic romantic novels, I mean read productive books in your field of work. I know your answer will be No. But I urge to start now, if not in a week, make it in 2 weeks. One Book, Every Two Weeks. Just imagine, you start it right away, in 8 months time, your level of creativity in your field of work, will be massive and unmatched by your co-workers. Because you are experiencing what others have experienced and wrote about it through reading their books. So your level of experience would have increased greatly, which will give great rise in your level of creativity in your field of work. Sometimes, just reading might not be enough, if your field of work entails much of practical activities, then you have to constantly practice what you read in order to be so good at it, that you will start imagining others ways to get your work done.


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Do Things You Love

Yeah, do things you love. By me saying that, I mean that whenever you feel creatively blocked, do something you love to take your mind off it and when you are done with that stuff, as soon as you resume your work, you will feel some new flow and rush of some creative ideas for your work. This particular way of developing your creativity, is mostly used by freelancers such as Graphic Designers, Web Developers, Artists, Programmers and so on. Because they most times, seat and wait for some creative ideas but get none, that's why doing what you love will help ease your mind and after you are done with it, you feel alive creatively. Also, office workers could also take part. As an office worker, you need to take a break and do what you love which can be done within an office premises. For instance, if you love music, take a break and listen to the kind of music you love for like 15 minutes and then get back to work. Or you could play that game you love on your phone or call that guy/girl you love. Just think of what you can do within an office premises and do it for like 15 - 25 minutes.


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"Creativity is one of the last remaining legal ways of gaining an unfair advantage over the competition"

It Still Remains Your Favorite Girl, @gifxlove

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These are really nice points you raised her. I like the second point you raise; we should do the things we love.
Thanks for sharing

Thanks for your nice comment @samminator

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Hello @gifxlove
Talking about creativity is always quite complex, at least apparently.
We can all be highly creative, although the ideal is to start at an early age with the development of our creative habits, this does not mean that we cannot start in adult life, certainly we can. Some of the things we can do to awaken that creativity you have mentioned.
I could add the fact of learning some artistic expression such as playing an instrument or drawing.

Starting early is very essential but we as adult we can still try to awake our sleeping creativity.

Yeah, very true learning instruments and drawing helps to boost our creativity.

Thanks @josevas217 for your wonderful comment

Doing what we love is one of the things that helps most to be creative, live by the passion of being a reference in the field we like is called self-fulfillment and is one of the things we should aspire to in our lives.

Very true, having great passion in what you do, helps in improving your creativity level in your field of work.

Thanks @trabajosdelsiglo for your nice comment

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