Rising Star Day 20 // Journey to country tour // Crafting RARE NFT in RISING STAR - RSTAR G1111//

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I dont have luck with S20 Father Earth after opening fews dozen new card . But i think RSTAR G1111 is much rare than S21 Cow Horn and S22 Pan Pipes.

I think today is a great day for me after i get all material to craft G1111 NFT . I have try to obtain those material in this few days and has spend a lot of time and STARBITS guitar fair and at last today i get all of those material . I actually almost give up , because the drop is seem impossible .


After getting all the material , its moment of truth that i have been waiting until now .


And , walaaaa ..


It's confirm that i obtain RSTAR G1111 as one of my rare NFT .


I actually doesn't do anything today , instead of spending my STARBITS at guitar fair .



Update on 1804 11/6/2021.

STARBITS in Hive-Engine : 97, 095
STARBITS in game : 2151

Total own STARBITS : 99,246

My STARBITS has been drops from 300K + to under 100K in this 2 days because i try to get S20 but i have no luck on it and use my STARBITS to hunt RSTAR G1111 , all together is about 200K + . The number is too much for me , but i think it worth it .

Current status & ranking (+1)




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FEELING LUCKY - I ll add a rare card for 19/06/2021 plus 3 common cards + 1000 starbits for each of lucky winner . You still can join tomorrow lucky give away by mentioning your name and your friend name in the comment bellow.



Market is looking good at higher price STARBITS demand after buying opportunity in previous day .

Current target :

  • Opening country tour map mission
  • Looking forward for festival world tour
  • Stacking 1,000,000 STARBITS

Keep on rocking and HIVE ON

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RSTAR G1111 is awesome care card with massive skills, which helps in reducing the ego by doing the Guitar mission. RSTAR G1111 is a combination of rare Gold pats, you are luck t get all...
Best of luck for the 1000k Starbits...
Count me in...

thanks for alive token :). Yeah , its take my whole 5 days to get all the rare card. I have listed you in next lucky pick

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COngrat for your effort in game. I wish to participate to the next contest.

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Well done!!! thats is the best craft i have seen to date!

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