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I just finished a 3.881km running that lasted about 0hh:40mm:5ss !


After a long break, the start was pretty hard but got things got easier as time passed. I thought I would go an extra 200m once I got to the top, to the 1st ridge pylon to take a photo of the harbour. The inconsistency of my runs needs to stop, I'm really making it hard on myself.


Here's some #ipfsfreeimages taken on this run from my Samsung Galaxy A10 phone.

CID: QmWZGgTMJFnj5pXGMwCzpD1wmhaxrdevT6WpHA4YZkXh2R
First Pylon on this Ridge

CID: QmWcCq7ZPb6hXfbg4Tuowurao2p8WJGZCixthbH4x8QBh9
Ridge Trail Head

View of Wellington Harbour from this First Pylon

These images can be found by searching #ipfsfreeimages on the HIVE Blockchain.

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Images by kiwibloke is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.

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