A little bit of trail running

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I just finished a 11.985km running that lasted about 0hh:56mm:45ss !


I mentioned after my last run that the plan for today was intervals on the running track, but early afternoon, while walking my dogs in the woods, I saw a runner there and realized it was a good day for a little bit of trail running. Sunny, not too warm yet, kind of dry the last few days, so no mud, perfect! For anybody who read any of my Actifit posts, the cover photo (taken during the dog walk mentioned above) might look familiar. I spend hours there with my dogs almost every day. Of course, because I can be such a procrastinator, I started my run late again, and after just about 2 miles in the forest, it got pretty dark and I had to go back to some of my usual routes on asphalt.

The softer ground and slower pace in the woods made for a great warm up, and that allowed me to run longer than I expected, almost 7.5 miles. It loosened up my tight calves and hamstrings, and the rest of the run felt better than the previous ones. It's pretty clear on the stats: after the initial couple of miles, my pace settled around 7:30 min/mile. And for the second time in a row, I had enough energy at the end for a significant speed up, and even what I can almost call a sprint. Of course, the overall pace is nowhere close to what I eventually aim for, but it's still a solid run again. As a bonus, it should allow me to stay in the running weekly leaderboard on Exhaust (probably monthly too, but with only 3 days, that doesn't mean anything).

Now I hope I can do more trail running in the next few weeks, I really have to try and find some nice trails, even if that means driving a bit to get there. That's a good change to the usual routes. In any case, not for tomorrow, as I will need some rest. At most, a little bit of biking and of course dog walks, but no running.

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