Evening Run

in EXHAUSTlast month

I just finished a 10.66km running that lasted about 0hh:49mm:36ss !


The last couple of days have been quite rainy, so any time it wasn't raining I usually went for walks with the dogs, which means my last run was the 10k virtual race this Wednesday. Today, with a dry weather and perfect temperature in the mid-50s, I couldn't miss the opportunity. So, even if I didn't really feel like running (when do I really feel like running??...), I decided to run, once again with no distance or pace in mind.

Quite muddy in the forest, so I started on the exact same asphalt route as Wednesday, and I just changed it up a bit in the end, that's why the final distance is slightly longer, a little over 10km. Once again I felt really heavy in my steps. My scale broke down a few weeks ago, so I can't verify, but I'm pretty sure I gained weight, or at least fat. Other than that, nothing special, I wasn't sore, and I never went too far in the red zone. Lots of deer again out there today, but none that startled me like last time.

Final pace around 7:30 min/mile is decent and kinda consistent with my last few runs. Speed-wise, it's pretty clear my training has hit a plateau, or even gone backwards for the past few weeks, or even months. But at least, distance-wise, I feel like I can now consistently run at least 10km at 7:30min/mile or slightly faster, without feeling exhausted, and actually still be able to have plenty of activities afterwards. So I guess that's good. And that also means I should start adding some speed drills in my training. I will check what I can start with.

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