Short test - 5k Evening Run

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I just finished a 5.584km running that lasted about 0hh:26mm:7ss !


First run since last Tuesday, almost an entire week, and of course first run since I arrived in France. Moreover, my right calf has been cramping up randomly the past few nights. So, I thought I would take it somewhat easy with a short run, at a not so fast pace. In the end, I ran just over 5k at 7:32 min/mile. Not impressive in any way, but better than my plan when I started running. Not sure what happened though, but cadence was even worse than usual. Maybe I have to try working on that again, as I kind of forgot about it for some time.

I chose the same routes I used to run when I was here last February/March. Of course, it was much warmer today, but not really hot, which is good. As the cover picture shows, it was quite sunny (not easy to spot, but in the foreground, it's my new Under Armour running shoe). I forgot that here it's never really flat. When I arrived in front of it, I changed my route to skip the steepest part of an uphill that was on my way. I didn't think I had it in me today to finish that uphill without suffering too much. And yet, I still got about 50m elevation over the run. Again, not a whole lot, but compared to my flat Michigan routes, that is so much more. See that nice profile (at the top of the second peak is when I thought it was wiser to skip the much longer and steeper second part of that uphill):


Since everything seemed to hold okay, I'll try longer and steeper next run, maybe tomorrow if the weather allows, or Wednesday.
Till then, keep Exhausting!

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short intervals/repetitions (200 to 400m) with 1'30" rest help a lot in order to improve the cadence.

Thanks for the advice, I will try one of these days. Since there are plenty around here, I'm also hoping to run some hills too. Or as usual, I will just randomly run, hoping everything will improve like magic :)

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