Half Ironman Run Leg

in EXHAUSTlast month (edited)

I just finished a 21.112km running that lasted about 1hh:40mm:34ss !


It's been a pretty awesome day...will post more about the swim and bike leg tomorrow but all you need to know is that the personal best times in the swim and bike translated to an over all personal best.

The run course was a two lap course with each lap consisting of half road and half trail around Mt Maunganui climbing a little for the last 4 km of each lap.

My legs were telling me to hurry up for the first half of the run as I knew pushing too hard early on would cause a lot of problems later on in the run. Even though it was not my fastest run for that distance it was great to take a few seconds off a personal best I had set 6 years ago.

It's a good result for our ironman training hopefully racing in six weeks now. @run.kirsty.run took 18 minutes off her personal best(WHAT!!!) And looking good for ironman as well.

Stay Strong Everyone!
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Excellent race also for your couple! 18’ less is amazing!

It was a pretty awesome day and good start for the year.

*When someone tells you that what you want to do is impossible, change the word in your head to hard. What you want to do is hard. Hard is doable – it just requires dedicated work and effort and you can make it happen.

Enjoy a !BEER in the meantime...

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Greetings that well the Ironman as its name says is of supermen and superwomen, only with the race is enough for me, a great training is required in each of the specialties and in the end to be able to endure the pain in the legs only for Ironman. I used to be a marathon runner and I know what it takes to achieve good records, I wish you success.

Thanks for your kind words @cetb2008 stay safe and will speak to you soon.