First long ride of the year

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I just finished a 21.271km cycling that lasted about 1hh:7mm:42ss !


It has been a while, but the conditions are conducive to riding home from work on a Friday. I have been taking my bike both ways on the train recently to save myself a walk, but this time I just took train there.

It is a good day for it. I started off with a light jacket, but had to strip to t-shirt as I was just getting too warm. I did my usual half circuit of the Letchworth Greenway where lots of people were walking an cycling. They tend to try and keep their distance as I pass even though I would only be close for a second or two and there is little chance of passing any infection in that time.

I had one encounter that was too close. As I went to cross a road another cyclist was coming the other way with headphones on, so I should have guessed his attention was elsewhere. He tried to pass me on the wrong side as I waited to cross and gently ran into my front wheel. No damage done. In the UK you should generally pass oncoming traffic to the left.

Apart from that it was uneventful. It really feels like nature is waking up with lots of birdsong and flowers coming out. I was not as quick as I have been in the past, but I was not particularly going for speed. That will come as I build up my cycling muscles again. My watch was giving me updates every 5km and I actually got quicker each time.

We shall have to see if I keep going into the office. If I get a work laptop I could stay at home as others are doing.

Have a great weekend!


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Maybe the guy was from the US and that is why he was on the wrong side! That is great that you were able to get out and do that ride. We were at the park the other day and there was a lady that was flying around the paths. My wife said she is a regular in the Summer months.

You need some consideration for others who are out there. I always try to give way to walkers if they don't get out of the way first.

We usually take a route that doesn't take us near other people. Especially these days. There are tons of interconnecting paths in our park, so you can literally take a different route every time. Our dog is a teddy bear, but she is 70 lbs and black and that seems to intimidate a lot of people.

I have seem some articles saying it is not too bad if your dog socialises. The main thing is to avoid getting coughed on or direct contact with people who may not realise they are infected. Just breathing the same air is low risk.

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