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I just finished a 8.006km running that lasted about 0hh:45mm:24ss !


My quest for a sub-25 minute 5km continues. I did this route a couple of weeks back, but did not quite get the Strava segment I wanted. Today I only went as far as the end of Vaughan Road in Stotfold before turning back. When you want to create a segment in Strava you adjust the start and end points of a run, but it does not tell you the distance until you have saved it. I assume they do a more accurate calculation then. It came out 40m short this time, but that will do. I have about a kilometre to warm up before the start.

It was already warming up when I got out. I had hoped to be out a little earlier, but after the cat woke us up early I went back to sleep and was awake again about 8. There were a few other runners out doing their own thing.

The 5k went fairly well. I was not checking my pace on my watch too often. I was giving it all I could anyway. It looks like I was fairly consistent and managed to pick up a little on the way back, but still ended up a few seconds slower than my goal. It really is about finding a couple of seconds on each kilometre to get there, but that is easier said than done.

It was a gentle job home afterwards taking the longer route. After noticing The Old Oak pub has lost some letters I saw The Vicar's Inn has also lost one. Is there a phantom letter thief about?

I had a nice swim yesterday afternoon and may have another today. Our pool is just big enough for a few strokes on each length. I am trying to get a good mix of exercise that may contribute to improving my running.

Have a great weekend and stay well.


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A sub 25 5k... I'd have to be ready to die to run that

I have had this goal for a while and get close at times. I think I have it in me, but need to get a move on as age is catching up on me. We each have our own goals.

Nothing can stop a consistent Runner.

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...and enjoy a good recovery !BEER

This is so motivating. I hear there is this excitement that comes with excercising. Is it true?

You can feel like you are really achieving something as you run even if others are quicker. I am not sure if I achieve the "runner's high", but it can feel good. It probably stimulates various hormones that can affect mood, much like certain other physical activities...

Heard it causes release of endorphins which gives you the high feeling..

That is interesting that it is multiple places that have lost letters. I would have guessed it was just wear an tear if isolated to one place. Multiple places would point towards something more sinister!

This one may have been gone a while, but it does seem suspicious. The other pub I pass still has all its letters for now.

Do you know this sketch? "Got any 'ose"

Can't say as though I have seen it before, I will give it a watch!

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