Morning Run - Hiverversary

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I just finished a 16.02km running that lasted about 1hh:29mm:32ss !


Today marks four years since I joined this blockchain thing back when it was all about Steemit. I had been using a service called Tsu that paid me a few hundred dollars over a couple of years, but it collapsed when they lost their backers. I knew @the-bitcoin-dood there and he persuaded me to try this new Steem thing. @hivebuzz has not given me the four year badge yet, but it seems nearly 17,000 accounts have it already. It is a shame that most of them are inactive. I have clocked up about 2,700 posts and 38,000 comments in that time. I used to regularly do multiple posts per day, but that is less common now. I am happy enough with what I make.

I was keen to do a longer run today before it got too hot and I had a rough idea of the route. I actually changed it a bit to avoid running near roads and so it stretched out to 16km. It went pretty well and I am happy with the pace which is what I need to do a sub 2 hour half marathon. I may run that distance next weekend in my series under lockdown. I need to check the weather as I want to avoid the hotter days.

I saw quite a few other runners and overtook a couple. There was a fairly big group at Radwell Meadows. There were a few hills to climb on this route and I seemed to have the strength to keep my speed on the way up those.

I achieved one personal record on a segment and my second best 15km with Strava. I will aim to do at least one weekly run around this distance to increase my stamina. This makes almost 40km for the week, which is a big increase in what I was doing last year.

I would hope to have a swim today to work some other muscles. I just do a few lengths of our little pool. We had to get a new ladder as some other people may have been too heavy for the old one.

Hope other had a good running week.

Run free, stay well and Hive five!


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Happy anniversary! 38 000 comments - impressive!

Have a !BEER

Cheers. Have a !BEER yourself. I seem to manage about 30 comments each day. I have a post in mind about the general lack of comments.

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Nice job! It was raining here today so we didn't get out. We haven't done our morning walk too much lately. We were camping and did a lot of hiking in the woods, so that has kind of gotten us out of our flow. I hope we can get back to it this week, but it might not happen until the next week.

Hope your camping was good. It's warm and dry here apart from a few drops of rain. A routine does help when it comes to fitness, but if you are active then you should be fine.

It was awesome. Wait until you see some of the shots!

Happy anniversary, I just hit my 3 year, and it has been fun. Here's to 3 and 4 more.

It's a fun journey for sure. I hope it lasts a lifetime.

It should last at least a few more years one would hope. Who knows one day it may even supplement retirement income.

Congratulations on your Hiverversary 😀 53 moons, that's amazing.
16 kms is not an easy feat.That is commendable. I have been pushing to run 10K but has not mustered enough courage so far. May be in August.

I find it's just a matter of keeping going. Increase the distance gradually over a few weeks and you will get there. I just like exploring.

Yes. That's the plan.

As I just said on Twitter... 😊

Ooh, I love cake! I love this community.

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Happy Hiverversary Steve!

Sub 2 hour half is excellent going. My routine has been a little buggered up this past week so I've not got out before the temperatures have started to hit; I have to get the dog out before it gets too hot. Also been much busier so I must look for new routes as my usual one is getting a little too crowded.

Having to fit in a separate dog walk must make things harder, but even a short run before or after will help.

Are you getting many tourists with the warmer weather?

Yes it's starting to get much busier now. Last week wasn't as bad as I thought; not that I've been into town at peak time. Alice and I just took a drive out towards Norwich to give the car a run and the traffic was really heavy. Lots of people towing caravans.

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Yay for me! It's been quite a trip

I imagine @steevc! 4 years is a long time and a lot of things happen in between!
Great to still have you here with us!
Happy Hive Birthday

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Every day is a good day when you run.
Kevin Nelson

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