Morning Run - Come on legs

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I just finished a 6.042km running that lasted about 0hh:35mm:44ss !


After Sunday's long run it was just a case of getting out to see what my legs had left. The weather has really changed. After a freezing rain it warmed up a bit and rained last night. There were still a few drops as I headed out in the dark at about 7:30. I did the short run up to the football club along Pendleton Way and it was quiet out there.

I was not worrying about pace at all, but I was thinking about what speeds I have. I reckon it's something like (numbers are estimates):

  • Casual jog: 5:50/km
  • Long distance fast pace: 5:30
  • 5km fast: 5:00
  • Top speed: 4:30 (for short periods)

Some of those might improve if I were running with others. I have done 5:15 on a 10k race. I would like to keep improving on them all and so will keep up my mix of runs. I may yet look at joining a club where I could get some coaching when that is viable.

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We had freezing rain this morning too. I got up and did my exercises and was just getting ready for work when we got the call that school was cancelled. I still have to report, but I totally could have slept in!

Looks like it is mostly staying above freezing here for now, but the north may get more snow. Schools here are shut apart from kids of essential workers. Where my wife works they would normally have about 1500 kids, but now it is about 30.

We just started back with face to face instruction on Monday and then bam snow day today. It's really hard got the little ones to find a solid routine.

Joining a training team would will provide you outstanding benefits, you will see

There's a few clubs around here. I will consider it, but time and commitment are always issues.