Morning Run - Wind assisted

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I just finished a 6.593km running that lasted about 0hh:37mm:54ss !


I did my best to get out of bed after the alarm went off this morning and I was out of the house within half an hour. I had heard it was windy, but that proved not to be too bad overall. It was significantly warmer than it has been lately.

I opted for 30-20-10 intervals on my usual route to Stotfold. On the warmup down House Lane I encountered the electric scooter rider again, but nearly did not see them due to their lack of lights. We avoided contact.

The sprints felt like hard work today, but I got down to 4:40/km at times. I am not sure how I can go much faster for now. I took it very easy on the rest period. I may have had a bit of help from the wind on the way back and hit it a bit coming back. It was not too bad though, apart from one short stretch where I struggled to get any speed. I lost track a bit of how many sprints I had done and found I had one more than expected to do at the end. It was around then I had a few drops of rain.

I need to keep doing these workouts as well as the long runs if I am to get better speed. I need to get my legs used to moving quicker as well as developing my fitness.

My podcasts listening was mostly No Guitar Is Safe talking to Bumblefoot. A very interesting guy with his own style.

Run free and stay well.
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Nice job on your run. It is always nice when the wind is helping you out versus being a pain. My wife and I had some walks this Fall/Winter where the wind was right in our face and it made it feel about twenty degrees colder than it was. I did my full weights workout today, but I tried to go a little slower to not aggravate my injuries.

It might be easier to have a tail wind on the way back, but it gave me an extra workout. Wasn't cold at all though. I might benefit from some weights work, but It's another thing to find time for.

Yeah, I hear you! You could start getting up at four in the morning like me! :)

Ha! No chance of that. With working at home I don't have to be up too early.

You are running a long way 6.593km. I am inspired by you. I will start running a little like one km.

It's taken me a few years to get to this level. Have a look at couch to 5k. It's a mix of running and walking to build up to 5km.

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