Morning Run - Frosty

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I just finished a 6.727km running that lasted about 0hh:38mm:30ss !


The weather has been quite variable over the last few days. On Sunday it got warm enough for people to be out in shorts, but yesterday morning it snowed a bit. This morning it was around freezing when I got up and there were some frosty patches on the grass. I needed my gloves today.

I did my 30-20-10 intervals workout, but sprinting was hard. I went out towards Stotfold as the schools are still off for Easter and so it was quiet along there. On the cycle path I was catching up with a guy who seemed to be doing intervals of running and walking. Eventually I passed him, but then I was not doing any walking.

Heading east I had the sun in my eyes and needed to be careful of trip hazards. Coming back was easier. I took the long way back at a gentle pace to stretch out the distance a little. Looking at the graph I had some fairly fast sprints, but did not really feel I was doing as well as I would hope generally. That is partly down to recovering from Sunday. It is not a big deal really as I just want to maintain my fitness.

When I got back I noticed my Garmin watch was stuck on 'saving'. The run had been uploaded, so eventually I just reset the watch. As of now it has yet to synchronise to the actual time, but I will look up how to fix that.

Have a good week. Run free and stay well.
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Nice run! We are supposed to get up to 80 degrees today. I can hardly believe it is April. Of course by the end of the week the rain comes and next week we are supposed to be back in the 50's. My wife and I decided to buy a Total Gym the other day to try and work on building some muscle. They say that is important as you get older.

The sun is out and it has warmed up a little, but weather is not looking great for the next week. My wife cut the grass this morning, but I had to help start the mower. That is a workout in itself :) She gets plenty of exercise looking after her horse.

Yeah, I know what you mean about starting the mower being a workout in itself! I am hoping I can hold off a little longer on having to do that first mow!

Good job :)

Hey! Long time, so see. Hope all is good with you. I shall have to add you to my Brit List

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