Morning Run - Puffing and panting

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I just finished a 7.473km running that lasted about 0hh:44mm:46ss !


I could see my breath at times this morning. It has warmed up a lot since then and is generally a nice day. I did the Fairfield loop again. My legs were struggling today and had no real pace in them, but I kept going. I had some extra exercise last night hacking away at some ivy that has grown way beyond the trellis and I fear the weight will pull it over.

There were a few other runners out including one older guy who also looked like he was finding it hard and a lady pushing a buggy with a small child in it.

Not much wildlife apart from a single squirrel and a few birds.

Podcast listening was Late Night Linux and Linux Inlaws (not outlaws).

I gave the run what I had available. I did an extra loop around my block to extend it. It looks like the middle school kids are back after Easter, but not the lower school. I checked on the new houses being built behind the WI. Looks like the foundations for 3 terraced and the scaffolding is up already. I expect those could go up fairly quickly. There have been a lot of houses built around here in the last couple of years and lots more to come. I wonder if the roads can cope.

Run free and stay well.
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I have also a saying"Run free and stay well".

I always used to say 'run free' and added the other part over the last year. Hope you are well.


Thank you, I think you are healthy.

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