Morning Run - Swiftly

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I just finished a 13.16km running that lasted about 1hh:19mm:31ss !


The title does not refer to my pace. That was very average as it is pretty warm today and likely to hit 30C.

Last night we watched Black Widow on Disney+, which was fun. We have gained an extra cat, temporarily, and it spent part of the night trying to get out of our bedroom window. I had to shut it in the end, so it was an uncomfortable and disturbed night. So I was not in the best mood for a run, but I hate to miss it and so off I went. I headed north today and got up the road a bit before I realised I had not started my watch.

I headed to Arlesey station to take the path over the big bridge. The traffic is a bit noisy up there, which makes podcast listening difficult. Thaŧ is why I did not stay by the main road and took the track up past Champney's health farm towards Langford. There were a fair few people about walking, running and cycling. I saw a lot of serious road cyclists around.

From Langford I did my usual loop across the fields to Clifton. I tried to find shade where I could, but much of this is very open. There were lots of swifts (hence the title) swooping over the fields. I expect they find lots of bugs there. There was a yellow wagtail on the track and a magpie.

By the time I got to Clifton I was flagging and had a short walk. I was really feeling it by then. I tried to just run slower rather than walking, but gave in a few times.

Back at Henlow I went the back way past Champney's again. There was a lady with a very long camera lens taking pictures of something in the fields, but I did not see what. When I got to the main road I crossed it to take the track over the fields to join up with some I run regularly. There were some kids swimming in the river today and I was very tempting to just jump in to cool off, but I kept going to get home for some breakfast. I was really warm when I got in and it took a good while to cool down. I have taken to just letting the cold runoff from the shower run over me to cool down a bit more.

I ought to do a little garden tidying today and got friends coming over later. Tomorrow is when most COVID restrictions are due to end here, but I will be taking precautions anyway. I expect we will see a lot more cases over the summer.

Run free and stay well.
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It's always good to get out, even if you're not feeling up for it. That's good inspiration for all of us, in fact.

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I do like getting out and I can make it as hard as I want to. I feel for those who have it hotter than this all the time.


A good steady run, congrats!

Is Black Widow watchable? I heard that it is so so ...

@tipu curate

I thought it was pretty good. Lots of action and engaging characters. David Harbour from Stranger Things is good value. Of course lots of it is silly, but that is what you get with superheroes.

Thanks. I'll probably watch it.

it is good exercise to travel so many kilometers each day, and it should be a habit that all people have to take seriously.

Seeing life through your eyes recounting the daily activities of other people is something very interesting to read, And the activity you carry out helps make this entire quarantine stage more bearable. In any case, you have to continue taking care of yourself even when the restrictions are lifted.

It is nice to see how this little piece of your life shares which is very meaningful to those of us who read your publications.

And I apologize for my feline colleague who disturbed you during the night :)

Yes, I understand you, being locked up for a long time damages mental health.

I am the type of person that used to being at home, and when I need to go out to talk with other people I go to a library where they usually play chess and play several matches.

I hope that today Sunday you have a good time with the friends with whom you are going to share, that is also something that helps a lot.

And I also hoped that you would soon return to your office so that you can take away that feeling of confinement and that one worries about the future and about this being maintained for much longer,the whole planetneeds to return to normal activities.


Cheers. I can't manage to run every day, but 3 times each week should do me some good. I spend so much time indoors these days as I don't go to the office. I need some outdoor time.




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Your motivating me to start back up on the elliptical after my 14 day detox with ivermectin.
The natural endorphins are the best! The air quality in Las Vegas makes exercising outside not a enticing.

I expect the heat there can be extreme and working out indoors with A/C may be a better option. It was warm enough the one time I was there, but I didn't run then. I do enjoy our countryside here and our climate is not extreme.

nice run, steevC 13.16km too wow you have some fantastic endurance and you kept up A solid pace throughout. great run have A good Sunday




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Cheers. It took me a long time to build up to this, but I seem to have reached a plateau for now. Can't imagine doing a marathon. A friend's nephew is doing an Ironman triathlon today and that's just crazy.

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