Morning Run - Hot foot

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I just finished a 6.988km running that lasted about 0hh:38mm:59ss !


The heat is getting to me a bit. My mood was not helped by someone noisily cutting a hedge for hours yesterday and I just had to jump in the pool after work to cool off whilst the noise continued. The pool has been getting lots of use. Sometimes I just float in an inflatable, but I do some swimming too.

I slept okay (ish) and was up to do another run today. I did the usual one up to Fairfield. I was watching a video about leaning forward to get some momentum and was trying that today. Need to lean the whole body and not just the top half.

I had some fairly good splits today and the average pace was better than some recent runs. parkrun is supposed to start again on Saturday. I feel I ought to go, but it is bound to be busy. I think things could shut down again soon as cases are on the rise.

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It looks like you've had some high temperatures down your way. We've got off quite lightly really, it has been warm but manageable due to the nice sea breeze. I swapped cycling today for another Joe Wicks HiiT session which was jolly heard work. Lots of squat exercises so I'm guessing my legs will feel interesting in the morning.

I did some Wicks workouts a while back. He is full on. Can you get the kids to join in?

I expect it is cooler by the sea. A bit oppressive at times here, but could be easing off. Had a big storm last night with heavy rain.

They could if they were here but I usually exercise over my lunch break. Last day at school for them today though so I may end up with a support act.

I was debating a swim this evening. The pool has warmed up now, so not such a shock to get in.

Its all about technique! Just dont start waxing your body to gain a second or two for actifit😆
I spent many years as a youth playing American football and doing a lot of jogging on pavement. My chiropractors over the years tell me to just do an elliptical and not jog. (Bad knees and spine)
But to be honest with you I do miss running on the bleachers up and down.

My knees have been fine so far. I do wonder if shoes with less cushioning would give less protection. Some people run a lot more than I do and wear themselves out.

The endorphin rush is no joke.😄

It has been pretty hot and humid here lately. I watered the garden yesterday but that was pretty much the extent of my outdoor activities. There has been a constant haze in the sky and I thought it was from the heat and humidity. Turns out it is smoke from the wild fires that are burning in California and Canada. It is being carried on the jet stream and dumped into our region.

I've seen there's some serious fires around there. Nothing here that I know of. It may be slightly cooler today and we may get some rain. All I've been watering are some veg and the neighbour's pots. They have a lot of those. Too high maintenance for my liking.

You are lucky! I think our temps are supposed to break today as well. We will see. I am hoping to get out and do some disc golfing tomorrow.

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Get up earlier for your runs. @bingbabe is out at 5am, else it's too damn hot! The parkrun never closed here, and is done by smaller organised groups.

Those must be unofficial parkruns then. Of course people could still run the courses. I just can't motivate to get up earlier. I did years of before 6am to get into London. When I do go back to the office may need to set the alarm a little earlier than 7am to get the train.

If this weather continues, I will be up one day to do a short hike with her. The air is lovely that time of morning.

Could get some stormy weather today. A bit of rain would be nice.


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