Morning Run - Drip drop

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I just finished a 13.352km running that lasted about 1hh:18mm:59ss !


parkrun restarted yesterday, but I did not get to run it as we had some other stuff to do. I hope it went well for everyone. I know they are having to make a few changes to minimise the COVID risks. It looks like 111 people did my local parkrun. I might have expected more, but the weather was not ideal.

We have had a bit of rain lately and this morning it was generally damp out. There was a bit of misty rain, but not enough to really soak me. I set off on a variation of my usual Sunday loop. The shortest version is almost a square, but I added a few diversions to extend it. The first was to head around the houses behind mine, which means a bit of a climb straight away. That got my legs working.Then it was mostly a matter of taking the long way around everywhere.

There were a few other runners out, but it was generally pretty quiet. I am very used to running on my own with just podcasts through my bone conduction headphones.

I looped around Fairfield and then did the same with Stotfold. I could have tripped at one point as a black skateboard ramp had been left out that was not so visible on the asphalt path. My wet glasses hamper my vision a little Although it was damp it was not too cold and so I had sweat as well as rain on me.

I was tiring a bit as I headed back towards Arlesey, but kept running and took more diversions. Around 13km is a nice distance for me on a Sunday. If I do get back into regular parkrun then I will have to see how my legs hold out.

Run free and stay well.
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Good to see the parkruns have started again in my town there is a couple advertised but people are moaning that there really isn't any happening this year but it is what it is.

Glad you got a good exercise in when you could despite not being able to take part in the run




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Some races are happening this year. One I was supposed to do ages ago could be on in a couple of months. I will try to get to parkrun some time.

I was our local park run made it on the news this weekend due to the turnout. We're still waiting for the rain though...although it has been cooler the ground really needs a good soaking. No to the extent I've seen they've had in London though!

The rain didn't really materialise today. Thought we would get some when busking after lunch, but it stayed dry.


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Running in heavy moist air can be a deterrent for outside jogging😀

It's not that bad really. Have to cope with different conditions to get my runs in.

When @steevc goes full beast mode watch out!


No seriously! Keep motivating me. I miss the endorphins!

13km is definitely a nice run for a Sunday. I really need to get back outside, too.

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It is a long distance. I can only complete 5km. If I go over it will take me too much effort to recover.
Thank you for sharing

I could not run this far a few years ago. You have to keep working on your fitness to go further. Stay strong!

Thanks, I will keep practicing and running.

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Okay thanks