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I just finished a 6.419km running that lasted about 0hh:47mm:31ss !


@steevc was right.
There is a problem on the Garmin Site so I had to add manually my yesterday's run on the Strava site.
It was probably the last run of the month since next week I will be on a business trip the whole week and then I am taking a well-deserved 3 weeks time holidays.

The run was fine, I met a friend in the top of the hill from which you have excellent views of the port and city in general.
The worst was the temperature and the humidity... It's too much for exercising outdoors.
Keep on running!

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Also in Japan, many users seem confused by the problem of Garmin site. I hope Garmin site will recover from the problem.

do you know why Garmin is down?

According to information on twitter, the Garmin's server suffered an attack using ransomware. If that is true, it is shocking and infuriating.

The weather is not our excuse I guess. Keep running.😇

I will :-)

6.4km in less than 1 hour is impressive!

well...not outstanding actually but thanks

You are welcome!

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