Beach Escapade Run

in EXHAUST2 months ago

I just finished a 8.762km running that lasted about 0hh:39mm:29ss !


These days I have been running mainly on hills, almost the same day after day, so much so that I have been a bit saturated and last Wednesday I felt the Mediterranean Sea was missing...

So today I have changed the route, same kilometers but flatter, reaching the beach of Barceloneta, where I have been able to verify that very few people visit it due to the coronavirus lately.


The sea was excellent, flat as if it were a lake, a spectacular sky and a delicious breeze to top it off.
Regarding the run, I have felt very good, loose and fast, although I have not forced the legs at all, some kilometers have gone really fast today which makes me think that I am not bad at all.

Keep on running!



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Regarding the run, I have felt very good

That’s why I run as well

I didn't know you run!

Now you know:)

Such a blessing to live near the beach.

Your place is not bad at all

Yes, but still can't compare the two. I'd be every day at the beach if living near it.

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