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I just finished a 6.145km running that lasted about 0hh:29mm:1ss !


I usually don't do two hard workouts on consecutive days. I always put an easier day in between.
It is not that I am preparing anything serious but I like to maintain the routine, so if one day, for example yesterday, I run 9 km, the next day I run 5 or 6.
The fact is that, while I was running today I have been thinking about what to do tomorrow and I have come to the conclusion that I will do a bit more training on a circuit that I did not know very well.
So today I have taken my easy training to discover tomorrow's route.
It is the historic Jean Bouin International Circuit. A true legbreaker that combines considerable ramps and slopes in just over 3.3 km.
I want to do a couple of laps of the circuit, I will try to keep a good pace although it will be difficult.
I will report it on tomorrow's running post.




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Aha, at first I thought I wasn't familiar with this part of the town. Now I see it's below the Olympic stadium, isn't it? Quite hilly :)


oh yes! that's my prefered hill as you know well ;-)

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