Recovery Jog on stairs

in EXHAUST2 months ago

I just finished a 5.136km running that lasted about 0hh:25mm:32ss !


So busy today, I had a lot of paperwork to do in my "home" office, besides I have been trading crypto in paralel doing a few of great scalpings while following WAVEUSDT...It is amazing the amount of money you can make these days with such a volatility, I can't understand why there are so much crypto enthusiasts that do not want to spend some time to "cultivate" themselves in this art of trading.

Anyway, at noon I had "my opportunity window" in order to oxygenate my brain while running.
Yesterday I did a 20 Km long run at 4'20"/km in average so my legs today were a little bit tensioned, that's why the best I could do was a healthy recovery run or jogging but I decided to include a very long stair of about 70 m high in the middle of the journey, just to give an extra on today's training.

Perhaps was a little too much for my tired calfs so, I think tomorrow I should try to do a proper soft run...or maybe, since I have to pass by my office, I will take the bike in order to get there.

The point is always keep on training (LOL).



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