Short run, in the morning with Enzo

I just finished a 3.54km running that lasted about 0hh:29mm:4ss !


I know, I know... a very short run but today I decided to start "training" the dog after several months without doing it.
Enzo seems to have recovered quite well from his injuries but I don't want to risk losing everything we achieved in the first session.
The muscle ultrasound we did on Friday has shown the ligaments have healed well but the X-ray of his right foreleg still shows some calcifications from the bone pieces that were broken.
It has been a little over two kilometers at a good pace, at least for me because for Enzo it was only a light jog.
After two kilometers, Enzo began to slacken and it was at that moment that we stopped the session.
Not bad for the first day, it looks pretty promising. Wednesday we will do another short running session, little by little we will re-educate his little joints.
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