Early Fresh Run

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I just finished a 5.173km running that lasted about 0hh:29mm:43ss !


This morning, around 7 am, Enzo was super excited, don't ask me why but it was as if the dog knew that today was running day. I think he reads my mind...
Fortunately, last night it was quite cool and when we started our run we were at 19 degrees Celsius, almost ideal temperature although still too hot for my liking.
During the first kilometer, even running on a flat surface, Enzo has been playing with my ass, exerting little bites here and there, playing obviously but it has been difficult for me to focus on the main exercise, running.
Once we've reached the bottom of the hill, Enzo has put all his effort into pulling me with what has been a great help.
The dog seems fully recovered, there are apparently no signs of pain or apathy, I have been conservative and have stuck to the plan, no more than 5 kilometers on uneven ground.
Little by little we will gain distance, do not rush when you are building a good base.



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5km is actually a good one, I haven't run for a while but when I do I lazily do 3km most.
Nice seeing Enzo fully recovered

Still short but nice, thanks

Dog or giraffe? Having him biting your arse is not ideal. Shouldn't he be in front? Do you run with a harness around your waist? I know some people around here who race with their dogs.






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Yes, I use a harness and he used to go in front of me till he gets tired 😂



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