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RE: The Re-Hive Contest - Results Week 27 & Start Week 28

in Shadow Hunters7 months ago

I am so behind with everything this week! With all the glitches it seems like everything I have needed to do has taken 5x as long!
Congrats to @olgavita, @jlufer and @beto14!
Enjoy your tokens and your resteems.

And @idea-make-rich @photowanze and @libertycrypto27
Congrats on the extra resteems. That is very generous of you, @Pixresteemer!

Thanks for the @ARCHON prizes, @taskmanager! ❤️

I have one nomination for next week. @friendlymoose


No problem, dear @melinda010100! You are a busy bee 🙂. I am very grateful for your greetings.

Thanks for understanding! That bunch of Archon you won is a really nice prize!

Hello dear friend @ melinda010100 how are you
It's true, everything is very slow, it becomes impossible to work
I heartily appreciate your kind words
I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid afternoon

IT gets a bit better everyday and hopefully we will be back to normal very soon!