Reggaeton workout from the UK and Spain

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Sometime in March, I was introduced to this video (seen in the top left) by my workout partner @sulayr. The video was recorded during Spain's lockdown on a roof in Valencia (that looks a lot like many of the roofs) by a personal trainer, who I guess was missing his workouts at the gym and wanted to share a routine whilst they were closed.

He recorded three videos in total, but this is the one we have been following at least once a week since then. I would class the workout as HIIT, with a large focus on the legs and abs. Like many guys, leg days always felt like more of a chore and as I used to play football, jog, ride a bike quite frequently, I never really bothered to spend too much time doing leg focused routines.

Initially, at least for me, this routine was super tough. If you notice, the guy is wearing/using a backpack weighing 12 kg for some of the exercises, and it was after a month or so of trying to emulate him (with less weight), that my knees started to get really sore, to the point where it hurt to get off the sofa.

I soldiered on, but since July and @sulayr's physio telling her she shouldn't be applying extra weight to squats (someone else has dodgy knees due to years of volleyball), we removed the backpack from the routine and my knees have gotten back to how they felt at the beginning of the year.

The single leg squats half way through are still an absolute killer, and I still struggle to keep pace with the instructor and my partner during this part of the routine. Slowly though, my legs and ass are getting stronger and this workout is probably the main reason for that.

There are also a couple of floor exercises that require a sold core and if you skip to 27 minutes on the link to the video in real time below, you will see what I mean.

I have come to love the 'mountain climbers' (28:30), although I am told that i'm cheating as my ass is 'too high' and taking the focus away from the core as my body isn't in a straight line. Personally, I just think my workout buddy is jealous at the speed I do them :P (but I'm probably cheating a little!).

On that, what I have learned from this routine and the other workouts we do is that if you focus on doing the exercises properly, it is much tougher than just going through the motions. Yoga is a prime example of this too - even the 'basic' warrior poses start to burn if you squat down to the desired 90 degree bend at the knees.

Not only is this a fun and complete exercise, it also has some pretty funky music to accompany it, if you like Trap/Reggaeton that is :) I'm hoping that at some point, Ginabot notifies me that someone has decided to follow one of these routines I've uploaded of late and uploaded a video. Who's going to be first?

Enjoy the weekend!


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Como hace falta hacer cualquier tipo de ejercicio, en consecuencia de esta cuarentena para disminuir las angustia de estar mucho tiempo encerrado, gracias por esta información, feliz fin de semana.

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Siempre a la orden, cuente conmigo

Sí, así lo creo. El ejercicio me ha ayudado durante estos meses sin trabajar y me siento mucho mejor.

Gracias por tu comentario, ¡que tengas un buen fin de semana también!


A la orden

Trap/Reggaetron I wondered what that was :0D

Did you start involuntarily shaking ass in the lounge?

I don't think I have stopped shaking ass!! :0D

I've just been informed it is indeed 'Reggaeton' 😀 Heyyyy Macarena!

Definitely at quarter pace on this, end up like a jelly in the middle of the floor after 30 seconds, not excluding laughing and farting in between all that mixing it up with the Macarena....

Safest to leave me out of this challenge @abh12345 😄 have fun!

@tipu curate

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hahaha :)

I save the farting for yoga but my legs are like jelly during the single leg squats!

Thank you Joan, have a great weekend :D

hello dear friend @ abh12345 good afternoon
You have to be very well trained to follow the rhythm of the job, also use extra weight, I could not do and follow the rhythm for just a few minutes
congratulations on your good physical condition
I appreciate that you will teach us this exercise
enjoy this weekend very much

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I will follow you in spirit hahaha, I can't match your ability to train so ferociously😂