Actifit 50$ Bitcoin Twitter Contest Concludes! Winner is ....?? :) Special Christmas Gadgets Event Concludes!

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Actifit 50$ Bitcoin Twitter Contest Concludes!


With all the crypto sphere being so ecstatic with the recent price action of Bitcoin and many other cryptos (and today for HIVE and AFIT), it brings us great joy to be able to reward some of our amazing actifitters who took part in our Twitter contest which we launched on December 30!

We had a lot of participants, and we want to thank each and every one of you!

Earlier today, we ran a random script to auto pick one of the participants. And the results are ...


Big congrats to @jasonbu for winning the reward!!

Jason shared one of his recent actifit reports, which won him 50$ in Bitcoin, in addition to his rewards in AFIT, HIVE and SPORTS tokens.
Please reach out to us to send you your reward!

Special Christmas Gadgets Event Concludes!

As you probably have noticed (and bought a lot of them!), the Christmas and New Year gadgets were all consumed by today, that's more than 600 gadgets .. WOW.
This brought the event to conclusion, and the gadgets have now been removed from the market to give room to the other (and other new...?) gadgets to take their place.

As highlighted yesterday, expect a big announcement by early next week, with a lot of other incoming contest and rewards!!

2021 is shaping up to be a great year, and we have HUGE plans for it. Let's goooo !

Did you stock up on your gadgets yet? Head over to Actifit Market NOW to WIN!

Support our witness on Hive, vote for us or set us as proxy on actifit profile, via peakd, or hive blog.

@actifit team


Congrats to @jasonbu for winning!

Thanks to the @actifit team for running the contest. Always good to get some publicity.

Wooohooo! Got my bitcoin this morning! Thanks @actifit team! Having actifit makes working out a whole lot of fun.

Congratulations @jasonbu for winning the contest. This is great beginning of the year. Have a great weekend

congratz to the winner! :)

Congratulation @jasonbu

Keep going @actifit team !BEER

congrats to Jason for winning this round

Hey @actifit, here is a little bit of BEER from @outlinez for you. Enjoy it!

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