Actifit Updates: Steemit Launches Communities - Actifit Kicks Off Community Reports. Get In Shape Challenge Week 3 In Progress


Steemit Launches Communities - Actifit Kicks Off Community Reports!

Yesterday marked the long awaited official launch of communities! According to an official post by Steemit team, communities have been rolled out, which involves major changes to the website user experience.

Actifit team had created our own community back during the testing phase, and as communities got rolled out, we have officially started using this community (termed hive-193552, yes this is how communities are encoded, although you will see it referenced as Actifit as well).


As of yesterday, we adjusted the post creation mechanism using our apps so that all actifit posts actually go into the actifit community, and as you can see the posts and followers are picking up!

The result of the above is that if you are checking your posts on, you will find your actifit reports under "posts" not under "blog".

This move we believe helps avoid the clutter caused by the different communities, and aims to improve the dapp support/categorization via Steemit and other front ends.


The changes above DO NOT affect your actifit reports on, which will continuously display as they are and get rewarded via the same current reward mechanism.

Again, props go to the Steemit dev team for making this happen!

Get In Shape Challenge Week 3 In Progress

We wanted to share some stats until this week, with the top performers on both Actifit & Appics reports. Below are some quick stats including Top 20 and total posts across actifit and appics:


The challenge is about aiming for a healthier you: whether you would like to lose weight, bulk up, or maintain a healthy lifestyle, the "Get in shape challenge" is the thing for you!

Tons of AFIT & APX tokens to win by taking part, the earlier you join, the more you can earn!

Here is a short recap of the rules and rewards:

  • The more activity and progress reports you post, and the further you progress, the higher your rewards!
  • As always, every actifit post with at least 5,000 activity earns STEEM, AFIT, and SPORTS tokens from upvotes.
  • Using the #getinshapechallenge hashtag will enable you to extra upvotes from the @actifit.appics account, which will distribute rewards in APPICS tokens (APX).
  • Progress report videos posted on the APPICS App will earn STEEM and APX tokens from upvotes of the APPICS account, at the rate of one per week.
  • In addition, special APX rewards will be distributed:
    -- A total of 3 Appics progress reports & 12 Actifit activity reports (with hashtag #getinshapechallenge) will earn you an extra 50 APX + 500 AFIT tokens.
    -- A total of 5 Appics progress reports & 20 Actifit activity reports (with hashtag #getinshapechallenge) will earn you an extra 100 APX + 1,000 AFIT tokens.
    -- A total of 6 Appics progress reports & 24 Actifit activity reports (with hashtag #getinshapechallenge) with proven progress will earn you an extra 200 APX + 2,000 AFIT tokens.
  • Grand prize: 5 Top participants with the most recorded progress and actual progress (chosen by the actifit & appics teams) will also earn the grand prize of 1,000 APX + 10,000 AFIT tokens each!

If you missed the original announce, check it out here

You can also check out this cool motivational video for the challenge

Fitness trainer Wil Metcalfe also made an amazing video with cool suggestions for training ideas during the get in shape challenge.
So if you're looking for some inspiration, check it out below!

Disclaimer: Make sure to consult with your physician before doing any workout. Exercise safely and with caution.

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Odd, I had 8 or so getinshapechallenge posts.... But not on the list. What did I miss?

Apparently the getinshapechallenge tag on a couple posts. Oops.


i see, that explains it then !
You can probably edit the old posts, add the tag, we will see if we are able to pick them up and consider them