I Am Alive Challenge Day #13 - September 19 2020

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Rained a lot today but thankfully, the gutter was able to keep the rain water away from the house. I was impressed by my work. Went to buy bananas around 5pm. I’m not one to eat fruits, but I wanna try and eat some fruits at least 3 times a week. The banana cost about 40 cents. The banana also made me get out of the house a bit, which I like.

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Daily Activity,Walking
178 cm
78 kg
Body Fat
32 cm

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Thank you

Hello dear friend @fredkese good afternoon
What good news, I saw the great work you have done around your house, how good that it has worked very well, I really appreciate that you let us know the great work you have done
happy start of week

Thank you and I wish you,a great week too.