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RE: My activities on the last of the month of January 2021

in Actifit3 months ago

Hi @hafiz34!

This has been a tremendously busy week for me. As a result I missed upvoting this report with the @AdventureReady account! Because I believe in what I am doing I have been holding myself accountable by handing out #HighFive's to the missed reports!

Not only that... I haven't gotten around to sending you last weeks #HighFive! Remember that one...? I said that when I got back in front of the computer I would send you 5 Hive!?

Anyways! I've finally gone and done it! Check your wallet! Your going to notice a double #HighFive totaling up to 10 Hive!

Thank you for being a part of the @AdventureReady crew! Your support and participation really adds a lot to the #Win & #AutomaticWin Initiative and I'm always smiling when I see your @Actifit reports!

Keep on going my friend... and stay safe in the healthcare trenches!



Yes. Got the amount. Thanks a lot.