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RE: Friday Miscellaneous: July 10 2020

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I almost never hit 10k because Of my nature of work and the fact I do it from home. 6500 is pretty damn good is you are spending them like that.

My raspberry bushes are having it too good with the abundant sun and daily waterings. So much so they are flourishing but not really producing berries yet. Might have to dry them out a little.

From Canada, the US Covid situation is concerning and seemingly obvious in nature. Sucks for the reasonable half willing to be careful for the sake of health safety. People so willing to march into the corporate wood chipper in the name of capitalism while being cheered on by Michael Scott of world leaders is baffling. Sacrificing 10% of the most vulnerable people in order to make this virus run its course quicker is a sacrifice some people are unknowingly making. The planet needs less humans but this is nuts.


We have the same ratio of dumbasses to be sure but it is all really comical in a sad way.

Hope your are staying safe my friend.