⭐️ Rising Star - Bought a Cold Pizza Slice to boost energy + Status updates

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Hello and welcome to all the readers.

Since last post, i have been doing lots of lessons hitting two birds with one stone.
Firstly, this has reduced the Ego percentage.
Secondly, helped me reach level 60 faster while saving time.

Temporary fans, getting sober also helped my cause.


To ensure that, i have enough energy to keep doing more lessons and missions, i purchased a cold pizza from the market (10000 starbits) instead of the 3 card pack.
Let us see how this plan goes.

My Progress: [goal ends 30th June 2021]

Goal - level 70
Current - level 60

Goal - 150000 starbits
Current - 102677 starbits

Updated Stats


Skill - 1176 from cards, 4134 from lessons
Drunks - 3610 from cards, temporary 0

Ego from fans - 3610 (0 temporary drunks)
Ego from missions - 2743
Total - 6353

Luck - 939
Cards - 95

Ego - 16% [was on 28%]

Player Rankings

No change since last post.

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Thank you for reading my post.

Have a nice day.


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Best investment ever!! It's like the gift that keeps giving!




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