Last Man Standing. Only 24 Hours to Go Before Deadline For Entries.50,000 Sports and 50 SBI for The Last Man Standing.

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Liverpool play Friday evening to kick off the premier League and that is the time where we will be closing the competition for entries. As I said before It is free to enter and you can win 50,000 Sports and 50 SBI if you are the last man or woman standing.
The original post with the rules can be found
here. But the main points are below

So What is Last Man Standing?

It is very simple. Just pick the winner of one premier league match each week. If the team you select wins then you are through to the next round where you will pick another team.
If you lose or draw then you are knocked out.
Now here is the catch. You may not pick the same team twice in the competition. The winner will be the last man or lady left.

How Do I Know What Teams Are Playing?

The Last Man Standing rounds will play out during the weekend fixtures between Friday and Monday night. I will be posting the fixtures in a post on the Wednesday before each round of fixtures.I will include the tag lastmanstanding. Midweek fixtures are not included. If a team you select is in a match that is canceled or postponed then you will continue to the next round. The first round of fixtures starts in August.
Here are the fixtures. Please select one team that you think will win to proceed to the next round of fixtures.

How do I enter?

It is free. You just comment your selection below. Just one team. I will do the rest. If they win you are through to week 2 where you will select a different team.
This is alot harder than you think. Picking the top 6 at the start will make life harder for yourself in the latter rounds. Pick the bad teams and you risk knockout. Plus there are always the dreaded draws that can knock you out. The fixture list for the whole season is public so the experts among you can make a strategy on what teams you will select to avoid getting knocked out early.
The deadline for entries is 2 hours before the kick off of the first game in the round. So for this round it will be 6pm on Friday the 9th August. We will not be accepting any new entries after this date either because the contest has commenced.
If a contestant reaches the next round and does not give me a selection before the deadline then I will automatically pick them the team that is closest to the top of the league(a team they have not previously selected.)

Entries So Far

So we have 45 entries so far which is great The team selections are telling me about the path some people are taking on their last man journey. Burnley to beat Southampton is a brave one. Man City and Tottenham are the two most popular picks. But in last man standing there are always upsets.

EntryTeam Selected
@fejalrahemanTottenham Hotspur
@nuralishaikhLeicester City
@blazingManchester City
@mahtabansari370Crystal Palace
@obestTottenham Hotspur
@praz735u5Leicester City
@melinda010100Leicester City
@sm-broManchester City
@jarautravelsManchester City
@madushankaManchester City
@fullcoverbettingLeiceister City
@deniskjManchester City

Weekly Updates

Every Tuesday I will do a results post showing who got knocked out and it will give you a chance to pick your next team. If you miss the deadline , a team will be picked for you. It will be the highest team in the league that the contestant has not picked yet.


So we are starting with 50 SBI to the winner and 50,000 Sports Tokens. The competition will last between 5 - 7 weeks so we will be doing another one after it depending on how popular this becomes. I have some special consolation prizes to the losers from Blanchy's special hamper.

Just select a team. It's free. You can only get knocked out and there always is a few surprises in the 1st week. I predict a 50% knockout rate.I look forward to hear your team selection Steemians and S-talkers!!


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Spurs to win 2-1!

I'd take that! Son suspended, Alli injured, Eriksen abducted by aliens and a howling gale blowing across North London. I'd take any win

A solid enough start for our clubs :)

You've gotta be happy with that result against Chelsea especially given the reaction I've seen from some fans on social media in regards the transfer window. I think the atmosphere would have been very difficult for the manager and players had they not started well

I didn't watch the United game live but have seen the highlights. Looks like Chelsea had several good chances at 0-0 and 1-0 but then the same could be said for Norwich and West Ham in their respective loses. That first goal is crucial!

Cheers, , I can't wait to have this competition and league started, amazing job here, and thanks for really hosting this

Bournemouth for me, please.

It's here already!


I choose Liverpool

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Manchester City



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Manchester United v Chelsea
Though this is gonn' be an hard call because you never know what to expect from both teams. However, i'm certain Manchester United will beat Chelsea come what may.
Manchester United for me!!! @hersi007

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I would go for Manchester City, boring but safe Lol


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Watford please don't disappoint

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  ·  8 months ago (edited)

Everton for me.🔥🔥🔥


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  ·  8 months ago Reveal Comment