Full Body Kickboxing Workout - HIIT High Intensity

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40 Rounds of challenging high intensity interval training. It's going to make you sweat! 💪👊

Ideally you need a bag to strike or someone to hold pads, and some form of light resistance. I'm using resistance bands but you could use a medicine ball, or dumb bells etc. If you don't have any training equipment you can fill up a bag with things to use as a weight.

HIIT workouts have been scientifically proven to boost your cardio better than long drawn out training sessions. So that's why each round in this session is short followed by an equally short rest period. Be sure to hydrate before you start and if you need to drink mid workout then take small sips, don't risk getting a stitch and making it harder to breath!

Each training interval is about 30 seconds long followed immediately by 15 seconds of rest. Use this time to fill up your lungs and get in position for the next interval.

So that's;
30 Seconds Work
15 Seconds Rest
For 40 Rounds

A beginner should aim for 16 - 20 intervals. Anyone training to get fit should try and do all 40. The fitter you get and the better your stamina the harder you will work in each round.

Each set of intervals can be broken down into 4 sections;

  1. Shadow Boxing (Attacking and defending)
  2. Heavy Bag (Roundhouse kicks only or big punches for boxers)
  3. Squats (Or lunges etc)
  4. Arms (Light weight and high reps)

Keep a mixture between attacking and defending on the shadow boxing rounds. Put combinations together attacking different angles and keeping a good tempo. Move between footwork, head movement, and striking. If you're more advanced include parries, fakes, etc.

The heavy bag rounds are all about the reps, let's get that conditioning! For me it's roundhouse kicks, low, middle, high, lead and rear. Stepping and switching. Just keep kicking!

In this workout you can see me working with bicep curls and bow and arrow pulls. I chose these to help with my shoulder rehab, you can pick the same or train different exercises that suit you better. The main aim of the arms round is to get them pumped up! Lots of reps to work on your stamina and recovery, which is such an important part of fighting.

With your squats keep good posture, doing lots of reps with bad form will only lead to higher risk of injury today and further down the line. I chose to mix between normal squats, wide stance, and lunges. I was sore in all the right places so I know it worked!

Give it your best and let me know if you use this workout, I'd love to hear back from you!

If you love this workout here's a playlist to my 30 minute workouts


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You’re inspiring my man 👨

I should do more exercise. I’m gonna watch your videos to follow your instructions.

Interesting work out bro I like your energy level to the workout

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