Swimming Cramps - How to avoid it? What to do if you get it?

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Food cramp in swimming is a pain the da ass, but one knows how to deal with it in the water while swimming will make swimming fun and ease.

Cramps in the foot and calf can usually happen while swimming or sometimes while you sleep,

There are 3 main causes for this:

  1. Fatigue or Lack of Fitness, when you get easily tired most likely you will cramp easily. Start doing small swim, meaning swim 5 minutes(2-4laps) and rest for 30 Sec. Repeat the laps and slowly increase the Laps Count such as 8-10laps. Most importantly, listen to the body. There are times we can push the body, but not all the times. Increase the stamina first, strengthen the core muscle first then start swimming more laps counts.

  2. Dehydration -when you are sweating electrolytes and you don't replenish most likely you will get a cramp. Drinks more fluid 2-3 hours before swimming, at least 1 litre and drink another 1 litre after swimming or while swimming. Always bring a water bottle to the starting lane pool, so that you don't have to come out of the pool every single time.
    Don't think you don't sweat in the pool, remember this, body movement inside the pool is actually burning calories 3xtimes faster than running or any sports activity on land.

  3. Improper Warm or Lack of Fitness Prep. Before entering a pool and start doing 60-80 laps, we need to allow the blood cells in our body to warm up or stir up. Do sit up and leg movement before entering the pool.

What I do always is stretching for about 10minutes, with all sort of kinds such as jumping jacks, hand swing side by side, squats and etc. whichever make you comfortable and relax.

If you get cramps in the water while swimming, what do you do ??

Swim to the lane line, put 1 foot on the floor and the other stretch your ankle and simply massage the calf or feet and the cramps affected. Start relaxing the nerve and breath in slowly, be calm and relax. No point to be panic, it will make it worst. Drink the water that you bring and stand straight if you can and continue to swim slowly.

Getting lots of rest after swim also plays a vital role, sleep early, and eat your potassium fruits such as bananas or avocadoes.

Go Swim!!!

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